This is a list of some of the issues that we are trying to bring to light. Many people are not aware of the extent that men are affected by these issues. Let's change that! Keep checking back for updates, as this is the most active portion of the website. The site is fairly new, so the content is still being added.


  • Compulsory Service

    Men worldwide are often subjected to compulsory service, especially in the military. If men do not abide by the laws that only apply to their sex, they can face severe repercussions, including imprisonment, fines, a felony criminal record, and a loss of access to government services.

  • Moral Panic

    Are you planning to take your kids to the park? Does heading to the beach with a camera sound pleasant? Would you ever help a lost child? Would you venture into the children's section of a store to buy some gifts? Better think twice... if you're a male.

  • Father's Issues

    Fathers are made to feel like second class parents in many areas of society and law. Whether it be bias in custody court or the child's school always defaulting to going through the mother, fathers and their relationships with their kids are being systemically impeded.

  • Domestic Violence

    Men are often overlooked when they're victims of domestic violence. There's a severe lack of resources available, from counseling to shelters. Male victims of DV can be reluctant to report incidents as well, due to a number of factors, such as gender roles and bias in the legal system.