This is the page for frequently asked questions. Many people who are new to the Men’s Rights Movement have the same questions, so hopefully this page, along with the host of articles presented on the Issues page, will help you along.

What is the Men’s Rights Movement?

The Men’s Rights Movement advocates for the social and legal equality of men and boys. Members of the movement attest that there are many areas in which men and boys are falling behind or are severely disadvantaged. We wish to address these issues and bring them to light.

An example of a legal inequality that men face in many nations is compulsory military service. An example of a social issue that boys and men face are lack of resources when they’re a victim of domestic violence.

What does the acronym MRM stand for?

The acronym MRM stands for Men’s Rights Movement. Sometimes you’ll also see the acronym MHRM used, and that stands for Men’s Human Rights Movement. Both refer to the same movement.

What does the acronym MRA stand for?

The acronym MRA stands for Men’s Rights Advocate. Sometimes people refer to the “A” as “Activist” instead of “Advocate”, but they’re generally referring to the same person. Anyone who advocates for the social and legal equality of men and boys can be considered an MRA.